Building a Europe of all peoples
May 17, 2019

22 EFA parties campaigning for a Europe of all peoples

On May 23-26, all European citizens will be able to make their voices be heard again in the European Parliament elections. The European Free Alliance will once again participate in these crucial elections with the aim to defend the rights of all peoples and minorities that too often feel ignored by their central governments.

Since the first European elections in 1979, EFA has been represented in the European Chamber. This time will not be an exception, since for these upcoming elections, 22 out of our 46 member parties are campaigning now in 10 differerent Member States.

EFA, the only European political party clearly standing up for the right to self-determination, is campaigning in 23 nations and regions in Europe, among which there is Scotland, Flanders, Catalonia, Euskal Herria, Wales, Valencia, Bavaria, Corsica, Brittany or Galiza.

The project of EFA is one in which all peoples have the right to decide about their own future and the way in which they want to organize and relate to other neighboring peoples. But EFA does not only advocate for self-determination: as the legacy of a Europeanist tradition, EFA is highly committed to work for a social Europe of solidarity, a Europe of civil and human rights. We want an energy transition based on social justice, a feminist Europe for and by the youngsters.

The next five years will be decisive for the construction of Europe. We are at the crossroad between the construction or the deconstruction of Europe. And we, the European Free Alliance, want to work for a fairer and more united Europe, for a Europe that recovers its role in the world.

EFE parties campaigning in the EU elections: Scottish National Party-SNP (Scotland), Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie- N-VA (Flanders), Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya-ERC (Catalonia), Eusko Alkartasuna as a member of EH Bildu (Basque Country), Plaid Cymru/Party of Wales (Wales), BLOC as a member of Compromís (Valencia), Bayernpartei (Bavaria), Femu a Corsica (Corsica) as a member of Régions et Peuples Solidaires (R&PS), Union Démocratique Bretonne (Brittany) as a member of R&PS, Bloque Nacionalista Galego-BNG (Galicia), Latvian Russian Union (Latvia), PSM-Entesa as a member of MÉS per Mallorca (Balearic Islands), ALPE Autonomie Liberté Participation Écologie (Valle d’Aosta), MKDSZ (Slovakia), Nueva Canarias (Canary Islands), Partit Occitan (Occitania) as a member of R&PS, DEB Partisi (Western Thrace, Greece), Rainbow (Florina), Moravian Movement (Moravia), Mouvement Région Savoie (Savoie) as a member of R&PS, Unser Land (Alsace) as member of R&PS, Yorkshire Party (Yorkshire).

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